Local Server
Paid Pilot

$990 USD
Per month

Key Features

  • icetana will ship you a small footprint NUC device

  • Once you connect this to your network/VMS/NVR  we will assist with remote installation

  • No on-going internet connection is required after installation

  • Multiple devices can be combined for larger camera numbers or distributed sites

  • Monthly subscription for up to 3 months. Annual subscription thereafter.


$2000 USD
Per month

Key Features

  • No hardware required onsite

  • Secure streaming software provided to ensure encrypted end-to-end cloud connectivity

  • Can be up and running within hours

  • Server can be co-located in geographic region of customer

  • Up to 50 camera streams supported

  • Video encryption software provided to enhance secure connection


    $1,500+ USD
    Per month

    Key Features

    • Onsite Installation, Setup, Configuration & Commissioning

    • Software support, plus training for all operators and supervisors

    • 100+ cameras based on local hardware specification provided for client to source (non-cloud, on premise)

    • Connect to camera, VMS or NVR

      Frequently asked questions

      Will my data be secure?

      Will my data leave my territory?

      What happens to my device / data if I cancel my subscription?

      Who does the installation?

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