Protecting people and property across your surveillance network

icetana identifies abnormal events in real time for private, public and government facilities. Regardless of the size of your operation, your security team can focus on preventing loss and increasing safety.

Shopping Centres

Shopping Mall

  • 240 cameras
  • 15 million visits every year

icetana makes us feel like there is an extra operator in the control room, drawing our attention to cameras we are not able to watch all the time.

Shopping Mall

Access Group Solutions
Shopping Centres

Tamdeen Malls - Kuwait

  • More than 600 cameras running icetana
  • Largest shopping mall group in Kuwait
  • Significant increase in situational awareness achieved

icetana was initially implemented to prioritise abnormal events and respond proactively, but I would say it is something beyond security as it has positively impacted capacity planning, risk mitigation & presented site efficiency improvements.

Tamdeen Malls - Kuwait

Senior Technology Manager
Guarding Service


  • icetana’s auto-learning function unleashes clients from complex decision making requirements for security rules setting
  • Removes the “defining-evaluating-adaptation” process required for alternative “rules-based” AI products
  • Allows the security function to focus on the complex risks that exist in the real world environment
  • Detecting a broad range of unusual activities in real-time means that Zennikkei is able to provide a highly responsive combined CCTV monitoring and guarding offering to corporate customers

Skateboarding issues at Urbannet Nagoya went to zero in April thanks to icetana.


R&D Senior Manager

Ivanhoe Grammar School

  • 280 cameras
  • 2,200 students

icetana provides us with security by awareness. It has picked up a lot of things the school wanted to see and has provided us with more awareness around contractors and where people are... giving parents increased comfort that we have security covered.

Ivanhoe Grammar School

Director of Systems and Infrastructure

Mount Royal University

  • 300 cameras
  • 10 security personnel
  • Up to 5 active response events identified by icetana every week

It allows us to become much more proactive in terms of intervening and stopping crimes or bad behaviour, I think it makes the school a lot safer place.

Mount Royal University

VP Facilities

Delco Security

  • Leading Canadian Master Systems Integrator (MSI)
  • 10s of thousands of client cameras

Over the course of my career I have been involved in the installation of hundreds of thousands of cameras and until icetana none of them had captured an event in real time.

Delco Security

National Sales Director

Swinburne University

  • Over 600+ cameras
  • 20 security personnel
  • Material reduction in graffiti and vandalism on campus

We have all but eradicated graffiti on campus since icetana was introduced.

Swinbourne University

Security Operations Administrator

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