“ArgosView” and “icetana” Start Construction of Next-Gen Surveillance System

September 15, 2021

Video Management System (VMS) domestic market No. 1 manufacturer for 4 consecutive years, Panasonic Net Solutions Co., Ltd. (Panasonic NETS) and total services in semiconductors, networks, cyber security, AI / IoT / Solution provider Macnica, Inc. (Macnica) Clavis Company is aiming to build a next-generation surveillance system with the VMS service “ArgosView” and anomaly detection software “icetana” that utilizes AI image analysis technology.)

In recent years, the expansion of large-scale commercial facilities and the increase in size of facilities such as redevelopment projects for ageing facilities have progressed, and its safety measures are important not only for buildings and premises but also for the living environment of local residents. Due to the challenges, the demand for security services of companies that operate and manage facilities is steadily increasing. In addition, although accurate statistics have not been released, it is estimated that more than 5 million surveillance cameras have been installed, and a safe and secure environment can be maintained by preventing incidents and accidents from the images.

It is expected that a safe and secure environment will be maintained by preventing accidents. On the other hand, the labor shortage in the security industry is in a serious situation. The effective ratio of job offers to applicants in the security industry (security occupation) in December of the first year of REIWA was 8.32 times, which is extremely high compared to the average of 1.53 times for all occupations * 2, and optimal security by securing human resources and utilizing ICT. Efforts such as staffing are urgent issues. In such a situation, the security guard system cannot keep up with the ever-increasing utilization of surveillance cameras, and even if you notice something unusual from the surveillance camera images, from the time when the security guards near the site rush to you after grasping the place of occurrence. There are cases where it is not possible to prevent the situation from worsening because it takes time for the primary response and it becomes “post-response” instead of “prevention”.

Therefore, as a next-generation monitoring system, Panasonic NETS “ArgosView”, which is the most widely used VMS service in Japan, and AI image analysis handled by Macnica, which has strengths in cutting-edge technologies such as AI and deep learning. By linking the system with the anomaly detection software “icetana” that utilizes technology, “Efficient recognition of signs and discomfort before an event occurs with a small number of people” and “Immediate response to an event that has occurred” We realize a solution that can be monitored in real time. In the conventional system, it was necessary for the guards to manually carry out from the confirmation of the abnormality on the surveillance camera image to the primary response by rushing, but this solution makes it possible to speed up the initial response and also by the guards. By narrowing down the situations that require rushing, we will prevent incidents and accidents and optimize the resources required for security. This will solve corporate security issues related to building management and contribute to the realization of a safe and secure community. In addition, by integrating the strengths of both companies and the knowledge of their specialized fields, we will be able to provide optimal turnkey services to our customers.

Real-time monitoring solution by linking “Argos View” and “icetana” By using this solution, we will streamline the security work of (1) discovery, (2) grasping, and (3) response that had to rely on human resources until now.

  1. Discovery:  A sign or discomfort is detected by analyzing the surveillance camera image received from ArgosView with the icetana anomaly detection system. Furthermore, by displaying the target video in thumbnail format, it supports the situational awareness and abnormality detection of security guards.
  2. Grasp:  In addition to thumbnail video display by icetana, abnormality detection information that requires immediate response is automatically aggregated in ArgosView through sensor information and an external system, and is immediately managed together with the location information of the abnormality occurrence by the map function. Will be notified.
  3. Correspondence:  By remotely controlling the voice / lighting output device linked with ArgosView, it is possible to perform the initial response in a short time without relying on the primary response (rush) by hand.

What is “Argos View”?

It is a video surveillance software that realizes safety and security by integrating information from IoT devices as well as video from network cameras. By combining various software and network configurations, a video surveillance environment with a high degree of freedom and expandability is realized.

Main features

  • “One-station centralized” remote monitoring – Up to 40,000 cameras scattered all over the country can be centrally monitored in one place, and it is also compatible with multi-vendor cameras.
  • Can be mapped by linking with facilities in the facility – It is possible to link not only with surveillance camera images but also with peripheral sensors and fire alarms, and notify the administrator with a map display and video pop-up.
  • Pure domestic specifications – Reliable and reliable domestic software. Not only can it be linked with domestic devices, but it can also be quickly handled in the unlikely event of maintenance.

What is “icetana”?

It is an anomaly detection system that can be used by connecting to an existing security camera system. Instead of “detecting a specific event” on a rule basis, it is possible to detect an “unusual state”.

Main features

  • One system can handle all kinds of eventsSince the object to be detected can be detected not by a person or an object but by a set of pixels, it is possible to respond to all situations such as fire, intrusion, reverse run, fall, and group.
  • No rule setting required. Since the normal state can be learned and an abnormality can be detected from the difference, there is no need to collect a huge amount of data or define detailed rules at the time of initial setting.·
  • Resistant to environmental changes during operation, it learns based on the video of the latest fixed period (example: 2 weeks) and updates the update in the normal state, so it can respond to changes in the environment of the season and background video. Therefore, it is not necessary to adjust the angle of view of the camera each time the object is changed or to relearn according to changes in the environment.

Mr. Yoshio Shono, President and CEO of Panasonic LS Networks Co., Ltd., stated as follows. “Panasonic LS Networks Co., Ltd. has introduced the ArgosView system to customers in various industries. However, many conventional surveillance camera systems are limited to discovering and grasping events, and there have been no products that can prevent or respond after an event occurs. We are confident that this “linkage between Argos View and icetana” will support the safety and security of our customers more than ever, and will greatly promote DX in the security industry. We are a manufacturer of switching hubs, but also a system integrator. We will contribute to the safety, security and convenience of our customers with a total solution that integrates network and security."

Matt Macfarlane, CEO of icetana, said: “I am very pleased that Panasonic, the industry leader, and Macnica, the technology trading company, are working on this system integration. We believe this is an extremely important step for us to grow through our strong partners in Japan. We are also confident that the use of cameras will complement security activities and improve operational efficiency in all industries."

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